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The TTBL season runs from October through April ( including playoffs ).

  • (TTBL) was established in 2019. The purpose of the league is to provide athletes an opportunity to continue their basketball careers with passion and integrity. The TTBL firmly believes if athletes are provided a league that respects both the player and the game it will create an atmosphere that is conducive for players, coaches, owners, and fans. The TTBL is designed for all players whether you have competed at the collegiate level, overseas, and/or D league. We welcome your talent and will treat you fairly. Our mission is to provide you with a platform to continue your passion for the game.

  • Our staff here at TTBL is proud to create a platform to help players, coaches, and team owners to Keep their Dreams Alive! We are dedicated in the TTBL to creating an atmosphere for everyone to become family and help each other in our community reach the highest potential possible.

  • Spread the word the TTBL is a community, and we care about your future and success, we will create a road map for you to follow.


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