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Atlanta Storm


Atlanta's Storm Purpose

Founded in 2014 By two cousin's Nyisis Jewelle and Kaya Allen. 2015 Kaya step down to continue with her own basketball career. Nyisis took on the organization and pushed it to what you see it is today. 

Our Purpose:

Teaching basketball skills to youth (boys and girls) and adults (men and women) athletes from the ages of 5 years old to Adults, to compete at the highest level and strive to be lifetime learners in the classroom and in the community both on and off the court.  To grow and develop emotionally into responsible men and women, displaying and being outstanding citizens within the community.  Develop a family and user friendly community environment between our organization and our business partners.  Provide a nurturing environment that will help students to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners and productive citizens, and acquire the necessary skills to enhance self-esteem.  To accomplish this we must begin by reaching out to our youth - working with low income and underprivileged children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to excel due to a lack of funding or access to facilities. To help decrease and eliminate local crimes, gangs, childhood obesity and to keep drugs off the streets and out of the hands of our children. To make our community a safer place to live and raise productive citizens and families. Atlanta Storm also believe in the school no bullying policy.   

  Atlanta Storm     

In reaching out to our youth and young adults through sports and educational development, we prepare them with the life skills required to fulfill our mission and our purpose.  This is why we, as a non-profit organization, need your assistance (physically on site) to accomplish our goals.


Our main goal is to involve parents, schools, businesses, churches and our youth in creating a model sports program that will be unique to each community.  We are also focused on teaching "at risk" children how to make positive choices.  Atlanta Storm wants to help unite positive and prosperous people and restore communities, business relationships, as well as our youth, as we prove to be an honorable dedicated role model and mentor for all we come into contact with, within the communities.


It is for  Atlanta Storm  to mentor youth with various backgrounds.  We see these youth in the news and hanging out on street corners, and we call them “TROUBLED TEENS or AT RISK KIDS.”  “But WE see all these youth and call them Ours”  We love these “at risk kids” and we are concerned about them. We know that today’s youth are facing very difficult circumstances. The foundation of any community is the businesses, schools and churches that support in the development of its youth.  Throughout our life lessons, we are taught the valve of faith, patience and service.  It disheartens us when we see our youth unable to partake in youth activities while the community does nothing.  Atlanta Storm is trying to make a difference in this community and counties with your support by helping neighborhoods, business, schools, churches, PTA and parents come together with the goal of nurturing our youth through education and sport activities.  


We need active mentors in our community to help our youth grow and succeed. The lack of youth organizational activities in poor neighborhoods are examples of the rise of single parents families versus two working parents, and has this lack has reduced the number of positive adult role models.  Today, there are twenty–five percent of children living with single parents before they are eighteen years old.  Our mentors must serve as positive role models and help our youth develop socially and emotionally as well as help them to understand and communicate their feelings, with the ability to relate to their peers and develop relationships with other adults. Atlanta Storm have known about strategies that make youth mentoring work fast and diverse needs are challenging.  Atlanta Storm  intend on involving communities, schools, churches, businesses, parents and youth in creating a professional youth sports program plan that will be unique to our community.  We are also focused on helping at risk youth make positive choices.  Atlanta Storm wants to help people unite and restore our community youth as we prove to be honorable role models in our community for our youth.  

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