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Atlanta Storm & Georgia Kingz Partner Up For Tryouts.

Today I had the honor of going to a private tryout for two great organization in

Stone Mountain, Ga. Two organization that are not only amazing but they are ran by brother and sister. Atlanta Storm is Owned by Nyisis Jewelle and coached by Coach Maurice better know to the players as Coach Mo and Coach Jones. The Georgia Kingz are owned and coach by Patrick Meyers. Just so you know these are not your average brother and sister to my surprise both siblings are star athletes. Nyisis is known for the discus & hammer throw in college and holds the record,she also played softball and volleyball. Patrick is well known throughout the basketball world for his basketball skills and IQ. But he is also know for playing football. These siblings has grown up in a sports household so sports is in their blood. They decided to give the ABA a tryout they started two teams in different cities one in Atlanta,Ga and the other in Augusta,Ga. Both teams made playoffs in their first year. So we will be looking for more from these two teams in the 2016-2017 season.

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